How to Create a New Event in Zuddl

To create a new event on Zuddl:

  1. On the Home page (event listing), click New Event.

  2. This redirects you to the Create an Event page.

  3. Add an Event Name (of up to 50 characters). This event name is displayed on the event listing and registration page.
  4. Select an event type from the three options available:
    1. Virtual event
    2. Hybrid event 
    3. In-person event
  5. Select a starting (Starts on) and ending (Ends on) date and time for your event from the date and time picker.
  6. Specify the event Timezone. All other event timings will be scheduled according to this time zone.

    Attendees will see all event timings converted to their local time zones.

  7. Click Create Event.

And that’s it — you’ve created an event!