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How to Create a Webinar in Zuddl

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To create a Webinar

  1. On the Home page, click on the New webinar button at the top.
Create New Webinar.png
  1. On the New Webinar creation form, enter the following details:
    1. Webinar name: Fill in the title of your Webinar. This will be visible to all your attendees and on the registration page.

      The character limit is set to 200, but we recommend you keep shorter titles (under 50 characters)

    2. Webinar description: Describe what your webinar is about, what your attendees can expect from this webinar, along with the overall agenda.

      Organizers can use this space to set the expectations and agenda for the event. If needed, you can also mention your speakers or commonly addressed doubts.

    3. Start & End date: You can set the starting and ending times by clicking on the dropdown.

      Setting your Webinar Timing.png

      You can create a webinar for a maximum time limit of 3 hours

    4. Add a Timezone. You can change your webinar's timezone.

      New Webinar Form.png

      No matter what timezone you select, the audience will see the webinar timings converted to their local timezone.

  2. Webinar registration. You can enable specific features that make it easier to join your webinar. There are two options:
    1. Magic link. If enabled, you'll have a link allowing attendees to directly enter your webinar without any authentication or account creation. The magic link is emailed to participants once registered on your landing page.
    2. Allow joining as guest. If enabled, your attendees can enter your webinar anonymously without any registration.
Enable Easy Registrations.png
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