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How to Send Announcements from Event Backstage

2 mins read
Organizers can easily create and send announcements to attendees from backstage during a live event. You can also use this option to redirect users to a venue within Zuddl or any external link.
To add an announcement,
  1. Go to your Zuddl dashboard.
  2. Click on your profile picture and click Announcements from the menu. This opens the setup screen for announcements.


  3. Under the Visible at section, select the Zuddl venues (Lobby, Rooms, Stage, Schedule, Networking, and Expo Booths) where the announcement should appear.
  4. In the Type Announcements text area, enter your announcement message in 100 characters.
  5. In the Redirect to the dropdown menu, select the following:
    1. Internal: to redirect attendees to a venue inside the Zuddl event. The Select Zone dropdown menu lets you select the venue option to be redirected to.
    2. External: to redirect attendees to any external URL such as “” A URL field lets you enter the URL of the site.
  6. Select the Automatically redirect attendee checkbox to redirect attendees without having to click on the Take me there button in the announcement banner. On the attendee side, the auto-redirection triggers 5 seconds from the start time of the announcement.

    Note: Currently, for external links, automatic redirection is not supported. For external links, please clear the Automatically redirect attendees checkbox.

  7. Click Begin Announcement to publish the announcement.


Stop an announcement

To stop an announcement, go to the announcement settings and click the Stop announcement button.

A previously posted announcement should be stopped before creating a new one.

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