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How to Add Events or Webinars to a Series

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Now that you have created a series, you can start adding events or webinars to it.
  1. In the series setup, click Events / Webinars from the sidebar. This section displays any events or webinars added to this series.

    Start by creating a new event or webinar

  2. Click New webinar to create a new webinar, or click New event to create a new event.
  3. Continue with the setup for the created event/webinar. The example below is for a new event.
    1. Add an Event name (up to 50 characters). This event name is displayed on the series listing and registration page.
    2. Add an Event description (up to 2000 characters).
    3. Upload a cover image for the event with a recommended size of up to 1MB, 1920x1080 pixels, in a JPG or PNG file.
    4. Select a starting (Starts on) and ending (Ends on) date and time for your event from the date and time picker.
    5. Select an event type (Virtual event, Hybrid event, or In-person event).
    6. Specify the event Time zone. All other timings within this event will be scheduled according to this time zone.

      Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 1.57.32 PM.png

  4. After adding the details, click Add event to series to create and add it to the series.

    Add this event to your series

  5. The created event is now added to the series. You can now continue with the setup for this event.

    Continue setup for the created event

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