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How to Setup Q&A for a Zuddl Webinar

2 mins read

Enable Q&A for Webinar

Go to Engagement > Enable Q&A. Click on the toggle.

Once enabled, your audience can ask your speakers questions during the webinar.

Enabling Q&A for Webinar

Enable Moderation

If you check 'Moderate Q&A,' all questions will need your review before going live. As an Organiser, when you enter the event, you will see all asked questions under 'For Review.'

To check if it's working

Click on 'Go to Webinar' in the top right corner. You'll enter your webinar and see a pop-up. Click on 'View as Attendee'.

Entering Webinar as Attendee

As an Organiser, if you visit the live webinar

You will be able to see questions asked by attendees on the right side panel under Q&A:

Q&A Panel with Moderation turned on

But during the webinar,

You will be managing all questions backstage. Once you refresh, you'll again get the pop-up that asks you to enter Backstage. Once you do that, after your video and audio check, you'll re-enter your Studio. On the right, click on Engage:

Click on Engage inside your Studio to access Q&A

You'll be able to access all attendee questions

with an option to either reply with text or answer live.

Options on each question

Pinning questions on the screen

If you click on 'Pin on-screen,' you'll be able to pin it on your video. You can customize the look and feel of this banner by changing your color and theme in the Branding Tab.

Pinning a question on screen

Attendee view for Q&A

If you need to see the experience for an attendee, you can log in with an alternate email ID. Once you do that, you'll see an input field to ask the questions:

Attendee View for Questions
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