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How to Create an Invite List for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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An Invite list is a list of email addresses uploaded to Zuddl in CSV format. Invite lists can be used to invite guests to register for an event. Once people register for the event using the invitation, they are added to the relevant audience groups. An invite list can also be used to send email communication to people who have not registered for an event. For example, you can create an invite list for an event's admin team and send them custom communication, such as event invites, special instructions, and so on.
To create an invite list:
  1. Inside Audiences, go to the Invite List tab and click on the + Create invite list button.

  2. In the invite list form, enter the following details:
    1. List name
    2. Description
  3. In the Import CSV file upload area, drag and drop or Browse the file from your device and upload it.

  4. Ensure that you follow the guidelines to create a CSV file. You can also Download a sample CSV template and edit it.
  5. Once uploaded successfully, click Import. The imported  invite list is shown under the Invite list tab.

  6. By clicking the invite list, you can view the list of email addresses as shown below:
    You can view the invitee's name and status of response  
  7. The Invite list appears in the custom communication Audience drop-down list, wherein you can customize an email and send it to all the invite list members.
Receiving an email doesn't allow users to attend any event; instead, the users on the invite list must register for the event using the registration link mentioned in the email, and they will be added to the relevant audience group.
You can Delete or Rename an invite list from the more options.

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