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Does Zuddl support Webinar on Demand?

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While we do not offer webinars on demand in the traditional sense, all webinar recordings are conveniently stored in the "Recordings" section of the main dashboard.

From there, you can download and perform basic editing such as trimming, highlights, and others. The processed recordings can then be downloaded in MP4 format, which can be easily uploaded to any video hosting platform of your choice.

Furthermore, we have a direct integration with Wistia, a video hosting platform, which streamlines the process and eliminates the need for manual downloads.

How it works

By following these steps, you can provide a solution for your Webinar on demand customers:
  1. When you start/stop a Webinar session, the recording also starts/stops accordingly. After your webinar has ended, you can View all the session recordings for that webinar on the account dashboard under Recordings, as shown below:


    Note: All recordings (all parts) are housed under a main recording tile with the respective event/webinar/studio name. They also show a label based on the event type: “Event”, “Webinar”, or “Studio.” In this case, select the one with the Webinar label.

  2. Session recordings are captured in two main variations, one with the stage background and the other without the stage background. You can select the desired video as per your need.
  3. You can do basic editing of the recorded video
    1. Trim video
    2. Create highlights


  4. After you’ve finished editing, you can download the recording as an MP4 file, as shown below.


  5. Now, your video is ready to be shared with your customers. If you are currently not using any video hosting platform to share the videos, you can leverage our Wistia integration to implement this process.

Using Wistia Integration

Using the Wistia-Zuddl integration, you can automatically sync your Zuddl webinar recordings onto your Wistia projects. A Project needs to be specified at the event/webinar level.
Note: The synced session recordings are uploaded with the stage background.

image (3).png

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