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How to Approve Registrants for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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The Approval feature in the Zuddl Dashboard enables you to moderate the registrations that happen for your event. The approval flow only works for events with the ‘Register and join’ registration style. To set up the approval-based Registration:


Ensure that you have the following Communication emails toggled on to send out timely email updates based on the action you take:
  • Registration Confirmation
  • Registration Pending Approval
  • Registration Rejected



  1. Go to your Zuddl dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Registration> Advanced settings.
  3. Toggle on Approval for Registration. This enables the approval-based registration flow for your event.

    Advanced settings

When users register for your event by filling out the registration form, they appear inside the Approval menu in the Pending state first, as shown below.

Note: The Pending state is the default applied to any new registrant before the organizer takes action for them.

Approval list

Each user has a Reject and Approve button in the same row. At this stage, the user gets the Pending approval email as shown below:

Applied to events email

The Status dropdown lets you switch lists between Pending and Rejected. Approved users appear in the Attendees menu.

When the request is approved

Upon clicking the Approve button, the particular user gets moved to the Attendee list inside the Attendee menu.

Approval list

When a user’s registration request is approved, the registration confirmation email is sent to the user’s email address with the required event details. Learn how to create communication emails.

Note: Users directly added from the Attendee section in the Zuddl dashboard do not go through the approval-based registration flow, and they automatically get the registration confirmation email.

When the request is rejected

Upon clicking the Reject button, the particular user is moved from the Pending list to the Rejected list, where all rejected users are listed. You can access this list from the Status dropdown. The left users receive an email as shown below:

Request rejected mail

Note: A rejected user can be approved later from the Rejected list.

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