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How to Embed the Registration Page of your Zuddl Webinar

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To craft the perfect registration experience for your potential attendees, you can embed the registration form on your webpage without redirecting your users to a separate URL.

Embedding the form

  1. Go to Registration > Form > Embeddable form.
  2. Click the </> Embed button and click the Copy button in the popup to copy the embeddable link.
  3. Paste the code in your HTML webpage inside the <body> tag.

Embedding your form

This embeds the registration form on your website.

All changes made to the registration form are instantly synced to the embedded form.

You can customize the branding of your form based on the page where it will be embedded.

This feature is enabled only for the Register and join and Invite-only registration modes. The embedding feature is not available for Ticketed events.

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