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How to Restrict Email Domains for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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There are some events in which you want to allow attendee registrations with only business emails, or only by their company email IDs. With the email domain restriction option, you can control which email domains should be allowed or denied for registration.

How it works.

On your Zuddl organizer dashboard,

  1. Go to Registration page > Advanced settings.
  2. Expand the Email domain restriction option. You can select the following options based on your requirements:
    1. No restriction (default): As the name suggests, this does not enforce any restriction on any email domains for registration.
    2. Restrict emails for registration: You can select either of two checkboxes:
      1. Restrict non-business email: This restricts attendees with personal emails with domains such as gmail,, to register.

        Restrict Email Domain.gif

      2. Restrict email from a CSV file: This restricts a custom list of email domains from a CSV file which you can upload. Click on Upload CSV button to arrive at the upload screen. You can prepare your CSV file as per the instruction or can edit a sample CSV file.
        1. Prepare the CSV file. The instructions to prepare a CSV is given below:
          • The CSV must have a single column with the header label.Email domains.
          • Each row under the header must have individual email domains (for example:,, etc.)The imported .CSV file must be less than 4MB.
        2. Click Save. This uploads your CSV file.

          Restrict Email Domain.gif

    3. Allow emails: This option can be utilized if you are sure of the attendee email domains that would be allowed to register. You can upload a CSV file with the list of domains similar to Restrict email from a CSV file option. The registration will be made accessible exclusively to the email domains listed in the CSV file.

When an attendee tries to input a restricted email address, an error message is shown as below:

Live side Message.png

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