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How to Set Up Live Stream for your Virtual Event in Zuddl

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RTMPS is a streaming protocol that is used for the transmission of audio, video, and other data. Zuddl provides a secure streaming option to stream videos from external sources such as an encoder.
To enable RTMPS Link:
  1. Go to Venue setup > Stage > Advanced.
  2. Under RTMPS live streaming, click the + Generate RTMPS Link button.

Generate RMTPS link.png

This generates three resources that need to be used to stream external video into your stage.
  1. An RTMPS Link: This links your streaming server with Zuddl’s RTMPS secure entry point.
  2. Main Stream Key: is used along with the Zuddl’s RTMPS Link required by the streaming source to identify the Zuddl as the destination. This should be pasted onto a corresponding field on the upstream streaming application such as a third-party encoder. It is highly recommended to store this key safely as anyone with this key can transmit content to your event.
  3. Backup Stream Key: This functions the same as Main Stream Key, this is the backup of the authentication key in case the Main Stream Key does not work.

    RTMPS Details.png

In-meeting settings

To start the Livestream during a live meeting,
  1. Go to the event Backstage.
  2. On the green room action panel on the left, click on the Extras tab.
  3. Click Live Stream.
  4. Click Start Livestream to start live streaming from streaming application using the Main Stream Key.

Event Backstage Live Stream Settings.png

You can also switch to Backup Stream Key for the live stream source if you have configured the same on your streaming application.
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