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How to Add Custom Apps to the Stage

2 mins read
Using custom apps you can engage attendees in the stages by allowing them to participate in activities using apps such as surveys, polls, quiz games, and more. These apps are shown in an inline frame (or iframe) inside the sidebar.
You need an active account with the custom app you intend to use. Zuddl does not provide this support natively.
To add a custom app:
  1. From the left navigation, go to Venue Setup > Stage.
  2. Select Advanced on the tab bar.
  3. Under Attendee Engagement, click on the Choose and add features button.

    Attendee Engagement.png

  4. Click the Add Custom App button.
  5. Enter a Tab Name and paste the app URL.

    New Custom App.png

Fetching the App URL


  1. Login to your Typeform account.
  2. Create a form and click Publish. Learn how to create a typeform.
  3. Under Get the link section, click the Copy button to copy the URL.

    Get the Link.png

Alternatively, you can click Share in the main tab bar to get the form link.


  1. Login to your Kahoot account.
  2. Create a Kahoot game. Learn how to create a Kahoot.

    Go to Settings and change the default visibility to Public.

    Kahoot Settings.png
  3. Click Save. This shows how you can use the new Kahoot.
  4. Select Share it with others.

    Share Kahoot.png

  5. Click Copy to copy the URL.

    Copy Kahoot URL.png


  1. Login to your Slido account.
  2. Create a Slido event. Learn how to create a slido event.
  3. Click on Share and select Share link with participants.


    The link gets copied to your clipboard.
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