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How to Create a Team in Zuddl

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An event is generally organized or managed by a group of individual and thus, allowing organizations to create a team to manage and setup an event eases out the task of event setup on organizer side.

Only an owner can create a team

You can create teams from the common dashboard. To create a new team:

  1. Go to the common dashboard
  2. Click on the dropdown, near your organization name.
  3. Click on the Create Team button.

    List of Team Members
  4. On the Create a Team form.
    1. Enter a Team name, example "Marketing".
    2. Select checkboxes on email addresses to add members to the team.

      Create a Team.png

  5. Click Create.

    This successfully adds a user to your new team


  1. Only an owner can create a team.
  2. You will be part of general team by default.
  3. All admins and owners will be part of all the teams by default.
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