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How to Generate Access Token

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Zuddl authorizes an organization in Zuddl and awards permissions based on Access Tokens to fetch event data from Zuddl. The two resources  used for authentication are:

  • Access Token ID
  • Token Secret Key

Generate Access Tokens

To generate access tokens:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Access Token Generation tab.
  3. Click the Generate access token button.


    This generates a new pair of tokens.

  4. Click the copy icon beside each resource to copy and store it securely.Note: You can also click the Download as .env file to download the tokens as a .env file and store on your local device.


Access token ID can be accessed anytime but the Secret key can only be accessed at the time of token generation. Tokens are read-only data and cannot be edited.

Regenerate tokens

If you’ve accidentally misplaced the Secret key, you must regenerate the tokens. To regenerate the tokens,

  1. Click the Regenerate access token button.


  2. On the Regenerate this access token confirmation dialog, click Regenerate token.


Note: After access tokens are regenerated, the old Access token ID becomes invalid.

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