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Roles in Zuddl

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Zuddl users can take on different roles across the platform, depending on their account settings or what events they can access. There are different roles at organization level (based on your account) and at event level (what you can do inside an event).

Here is an introduction to the different roles and what they signify:

Organization level roles

OwnerThe Owner is someone who has absolute control of the Zuddl organization account.There can be only one owner for an organization.
  • Assign roles to other members (including admins).
  • Change the roles of members.
  • Remove members from the organization.
  • They can also change plans for the account.

AdminAdmins are organization members who can be assigned by the owner or by other admins.
  • Assign roles to other members (except the owner).
  • Add or remove new team members.
Organization memberCan be given an event-level role like organizer or moderator, assigned by an admin or the organization owner.

Event level roles

OrganizerOrganizers can create and manage Events, Webinars and Studios on Zuddl.
  • Create and manage Events, Webinars, and Studios on Zuddl.
  • Access all Events, Webinars, and Studios created by them and by other organizers in their Zuddl account.
  • Access in-event features like moderating Chat, creating and publishing Polls and Q&As, managing speakers on Backstage, and more.
ModeratorModerators have access to the same in-event features as organizers.
  • Access the same Events, Webinars, and Studios as the organizers (in the same Zuddl account)
  • Cannot create any new ones nor access the setup of already created events.
SpeakerSpeakers are event participants who have been invited by an organizer to be a part of one or more sessions on the stage.
  • Enter the event backstage
  • Share their video and audio
  • Cannot access any backstage controls.
  • Share their screen and presentations on the stage
Booth ownerBooth owners are event participants who have access to manage a booth in the Expo venue.

Depending on the booth customization settings, booth owners can interact with visitors in the following ways:

  • Host a live video session in the booth
  • Communicate with visitors
  • Publish Polls
  • Moderate Chat
  • Moderate Q&A.

Room moderatorRoom moderators are event participants assigned to one or more rooms in the Rooms venue. There can be one or more moderators in the same room.
  • Control access for other participants who want to join that room
  • Add or remove other participants in the room.

AttendeesAttendees are regular event participants.They can be registered attendees or guests (anonymous), depending on the registration settings of the event.
  • Cannot access any setup or backstage features.
  • They can access different parts of the Event based on their ticket or their assigned access group.
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