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How to Add Overlays in Zuddl Studio

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Overlays are branding elements that appear in front of all other elements on stage and give additional space to promote your brand and provide information to your audience.

Add an Overlay

To add overlays to your Studio stream,
  1. Scroll to the Overlays section inside the Branding tab.
  2. Click on the add button (+).
  3. On the Choose Overlay window, select
    1. Library: choose a suitable option from a preset list of sample overlays.
    2. Upload: upload a custom overlay from your device.

This adds the overlay to your studio backstage.

Display an Overlay

To display an overlay during an event,
  1. Hover on top of any of an overlay in the list.
  2. Click on the blue Show button. This shows the overlay instantly on your live stream.
  3. To stop showing the overlay, hover again on top of the overlay on the right navigation bar and click Stop.

Adding overlays

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