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How to Add a Background Image in Zuddl Studio

2 mins read
Background images add depth to your live video feed and provides an immersive experience for your audience. You can either add an image or a continuously running video.  

Add a Background Image

To add a background,
  1. Under Backgrounds, click the add icon to upload a background to the live video feed. You can view the supported file formats when you hover over the button.
Upload a background image

You can add multiple backgrounds onto the dashboard and apply them (one at a time) to the live feed as and when required.

  1. On the Choose Background window, select:
    • Library: choose from the list of sample backgrounds
    • Unsplash: choose from the Unsplash public repository of background images and videos
    • Upload: browse a suitable image or video from your device and upload.

The supported format is a 1920 x 1080 resolution PNG file with a size of up to 1 MB.

  1. Choose a suitable layout for the selected background:
    1. Centered
    2. Center tile
    3. Fit to top

Apply Background Images

To apply a background image from the list, hover over the desired image and click the blue Show icon. To remove a logo, hover again over an applied logo and click the red Hide icon.

Show Background Image

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