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How to Add and Use Filler Media in Zuddl Studio

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Filler media can be used in Zuddl Events (using Studio as backstage) and Webinars to fill the breaks between sessions, and to avoid showing a blank stage to attendees before or after a session.

These fillers can be video clips, images, or audio files.

Upload filler media

To upload your own filler media, go to the Studio backstage and open the Fillers tab from the right sidebar.

Here you can upload videos, images, and audio files to be used as fillers:

  1. Under Videos, click Add a clip to upload a video from your system.
  2. Under Images, click the + card to upload an image from your system.
  3. Under Audio, click Upload .mp3 file to upload an audio file from your system.

    Upload your files in the Fillers tab

Using copyrighted media without permissions can lead to strikes from streaming platforms. Ensure that you have commercial usage rights for the uploaded media.

Using filler media

Using filler media when the session is not live
When sessions are not live, fillers can be played directly on the stage.
To play a filler video, hover over the video and click Play. To stop playing the video, hover over it again and click Stop.

Play filler video

Stop playing filler video

Similarly, you can use filler images and audio by hovering over the desired file and clicking it.

Show filler image

Hide filler image

Play filler audio

Stop playing filler audio

Using filler media when the session is live

When the session is live, you can queue the filler media so that they are shown on the stage immediately after the session is stopped. This makes it a seamless experience for your attendees.
To queue a filler video, hover over the video and click Queue next. To stop it from playing after the session, hover over it and click Remove.

Queue filler video for later

Remove filler video from queue

Similarly, you can queue filler images and audio files:

Queue filler image for later

Remove filler image from queue

Fillers shown on the stage are not included in recordings.

Fillers are not visible on the stage preview inside Studio, but are shown to attendees on the stage.

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