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How to Use Onsite Settings for an In-person Event in Zuddl

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For In-person and hybrid uses events, Zuddl provides on-site settings which you can capitalize on to smoothen the registration and related processes.

Walk-in Registration

The walk-in registration feature lets you allow potential attendees to register for an event at the event location.

QR code Scanner

The QR code scanner enables you to scan QR code for registered attendees to check-in to the event. Similar to airport check-in, after successful registration, your event attendees receive a QR code which can be scanned by the event organizers at the event location to authenticate your registration and attend the event.
In Event Settings, toggle on QR Scanner to enable this feature

Register via QR code

In the QR code option, you can download the registration QR code which allows people to register to your event straight from the event location.
To download the QR code,
  1. Under On-site, go to QR code.
  2. Click on the Download button on the Scan to register card.
  3. Select the location to save the QR code as


The badge printing option lets you create printable badges for an event. The capability to facilitate badge printing comes handy to many event types that requires some sort of ID to enter the different event venues.
Zuddl lets you quickly design a badge in either vertical orientation or horizontal layout based on your liking.
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