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How to Customize Embed Form Fields and Branding

2 mins read

You can brand your embed form by going to Form > Embeddable Form.

Customizing your Embed Form

Changing Font

We have a wide range of font options for any text that appears on the embed form. Whatever you select will apply to the call to action button as well.

Options for fonts

Call to action button text

You can customize the text on your submit button as well.

Customize CTA Text

It's recommended to have a short call-to-action text. Examples include "Register now" or "Get started"

Button fill & text color

You can customize the fill of the submit button and the text on top of it.

Customize the look and feel of the button

Make sure you choose a combination that is easy to the eyes. Your text should be clearly visible on the background button fill.

Changing button alignment

You can customize the alignment of the button, which changes the way your button looks on the form.

Customize alignment of button text

You can choose from four options.

Here is how they would look on form:

Clockwise: Left, Right, Full-width, Centre alignment

Change the Error Message color

You can also customize the shade of red for your error message.

Customize the error colour

Don't choose a color like green or blue for error states. Stick to shades of red to denote an error.

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