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Email Customization - Best Practices

2 mins read
These best practices will help you keep a check on the actions you should and should not do while customizing your emails. This is because modifying certain components may result in the malfunctioning of some Zuddl features.
  1. Cross-check if all the required CTAs are present in your email.

    For instance, if the Go to Event button is not present, magic links won’t be sent in the email.

    This doesn’t hold true if you wish to add another custom link or button using the required content properties (the merge tag {{eventHref}}).

  2. The merge tags; “QR code image” and “Event logo”  shouldn’t be used with text as they will render the image url rather than the image.

    Do not edit the double curly brackets ({{}}) under the Content Properties.

    The doubly curly brackets ({{}}) such as {{eventHref}}, are Zuddl-specific variable key-value pairs and they are sourced from Zuddl backend. The curly brackets can be found for the following components.

    1. Buttons
    2. QR codes
    3. Links
    4. Ticket Ids

      Repositioning of components is allowed but if you delete and re-add these components, the content properties values are also removed and will not be set.

  3. Test the mails

    After you have customized your email, perform the intended action to receive the email. For example, perform a test registration. Ensure that all components are there in the email.
  4. Test the links in the mail such as magic links. Ensure the event/webinar magic link has the ‘mt’ parameter in the URL.
  5. Test the calendar links

    Do test the calendar link to check if they trigger the correction actions

Troubleshooting steps

If you accidentally removed a component you can refer to this table to enter the values (from “Code” column) in their respective fields (from “Field” column).
  • Component: Event Logo

  • Code: {{eventLogo}}
  • Fields: Dynamic Image URL
  • Instructions: Input the code in the URL field of the merge tag.

Event Logo.png

  • Component: QR code (dynamic)
  • Code: {{qrCodeImgSrc}}
  • Fields: Dynamic Image URL
  • Instructions: Toggle Dynamic url option and input the code in the URL field of the merge tag.

QR Code Dynamic.png

  • Component: QR code (static)
  • Code:
  • Fields: Static URL
  • Instructions: Add the dynamic URL for QR code and input the code in the URL field of the merge tag.

QR Code Static.png

  • Component: QR code
  • Code:
    • Before - {{#qrCode}}
    • After - {{/qrCode}}
  • Fields: Display condition
  • Instructions: Conditions are pre-defined. For QR Code, under Display conditions, click the Select conditions button and choose the QR code-specific conditions. Display conditions can only be applied to Rows and not to specific components. So this condition needs to be applied to the row which contains the QR code image component.

QR Code Display Condition.png

  • Component: Go to Event button
  • Code: {{{eventHref}}}
  • Fields: Dynamic Image URL
  • Instructions: To add a button, go to Content tab and drag a new button into the email as our button is configured to be a “Go to event” button by default.

Go To Event Button.png

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