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How to Set up Showflow in Zuddl Studio

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Showflow lets you arrange the scenes of an event segment prior to the event and easily play it out when required during a live event. Using Showflow, you can add speakers, content elements, banners, and other settings on the stage and save them as a scene.

When your event starts, you can simply play the saved scenes as required to display the added elements.

Showflow scenes can only be added before the session begins. You cannot add or update scenes during the session.
The number of scenes you can add would vary based on the plan you are on.

Adding Elements to Stage

Elements that can be added have a checkbox in their thumbnail. You can add only one of each element. To add an element, select the checkbox for the elements required for a scene and click Update Stage.

Updating a stage replaces the current elements on stage with the newly selected ones.

You can click Unselect to clear all selected checkboxes in a single step.

Available Elements

  1. Stage
  2. Backstage
  3. Add a placeholder
  1. Speakers
  2. Video content
  3. Overlays
  4. Background
  5. Logos
  1. Videos
  2. Presentation

Add a Scene

To add a new scene:
  1. Go to the Content tab of the sidebar and select the checkboxes of all elements backstage that you want to include.
  2. Click Save a Scene under the Showflow section on the left pane.
  3. Select the checkbox of the speakers available on the backstage.
  4. Add banners or content elements as required.

Update a Scene

To update a scene you previously created,
  1. Select or unselect the checkboxes of the elements you wish to change.
  2. Click on Update Stage to apply the selected elements to the stage.
  3. In the Showflow section, click the options button on the scene that needs to be updated.

Delete a Scene

To delete or remove a scene from the Showflow, click Delete from the options menu of the scene.

Arrange your Scenes

You can drag and drop a scene to rearrange them if required. However, you can play any scene anytime during the session.
Scenes need to be manually played out during the event.

Hover on the scene thumbnail to get a quick view of the elements that were added.

You can add empty scenes to update them later during the dry run.

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