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How to Add Placeholders for Speaker in Zuddl Studio

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Placeholders are the designated arrangements made for invited speakers when they are currently unavailable in the Studio backstage but are expected to be available for the appointed time slot.
You can also use this option during the dry run of your event so you can designate a distinct place for the speaker. Once the speaker arrives, they are directly moved to the stage.
Placeholders, along with the Showflow feature, act as a great combination of efficiently making arrangements prior to the event.

Add a Placeholder

Before you add a placeholder for a speaker, ensure that they are invited to the Studio backstage.

Learn how to invite a speaker.

To add a placeholder,
  1. On the Studio backstage, click on Add Placeholder. This unfurls a list of invited speakers.
  2. Search and select a speaker from the list.
This adds a new placeholder card for that speaker as shown below:

A placeholder added to the stage

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