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How to use the Zuddl Lead Capture App for an In-person Event in Zuddl

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The "Lead Capture by Zuddl" is designed exclusively for exhibitors/booth owners to help collect, track, qualify, and share potential customers they meet at an event hosted on Zuddl.
With the lead capture app, your booth owners can add booth visitors as leads and qualify them based on their engagement, enabling you to convert a prospect into a customer of your business.
Target audience: Exhibitors/Booth Owners


You need to be added as booth owner for an event by the organizer.


To use the lead capture app,
  1. Install the app on your phone from the App Store if you use a Mac OS or Play Store for Android users.

    App landing page.PNG

  2. After you've installed the app, you can log in to your account. To log in, enter your email address and click the Get verification code button to receive a 6-digit code in your inbox.


    Enter the code in the respective field to log in.


    • Alternatively, if your Zuddl account password is handy, you can also log in with a password. Simply enter your email address and password to log in.
  3. After logging in, you can view your ongoing event under the Live tab. After the event ends, you can still view the leads under the Completed tab. Similarly, you can see all your past and upcoming events under Completed or Upcoming.

  4. Click on an event from the list to view the booth for which you are the booth owner.

    Booth List.PNG

    In this list, you can view the booth name and number of leads.

  5. Inside the booth, you can view the total number of leads categorized into Hot, Warm, Cold, and Unsorted.

    Booth Dashboard.PNG

  6. Click Add Lead to create a new lead.

    add lead.PNG

  7. Next, you need to enter attendee details to register a lead. Register a lead by scanning attendees' QR codes on their badges. Position the QR code inside the highlighted box section to scan, and the app captures the attendee details.

    Scan QR.PNG

  8. Alternatively, you can also click Enter manually to input the attendee's email address manually.

    Enter Lead Details Manuall.PNG
  9. Click the Add a Lead button. This will fetch the attendees' details from the Zuddl backend and directly add them as leads.

    Lead Details.png

  10. The newly added lead appears in the lead list as shown below:

    Add Leads.PNG

Manage Lead data

After you've captured all the leads, you can perform specific actions based on your business needs.

Update a Lead

You can view the lead profile, edit the lead Status, and add details such as Ratings or Notes.

Update Lead.png

Export a Lead

Exporting the list of leads into a suitable format is essential for your business to take further action for the leads.
  1. To export leads from All/selected categories, click the Export link at the top-right corner for a category and select the attendees you want to export.

    Export Lead.PNG

  2. Click Export leads. This exports the leads into a CSV file and sends it to your email address.

    CSV Upload.PNG

    The leads are sent as an email attachment, as shown below:


If you've integrated your Zuddl account with any natively supported integrations with activity capture support, the leads captured using this app are not considered as attended booth activity.

Export a single lead

You can also export a single lead and share it with your team members via WhatsApp or other messaging apps. To export a single lead,
  1. Go to the lead profile and click on the Export button.

    Export button.png

  2. This shows the different mediums through which you can share the lead. For instance, the screenshot below shows how a lead is shared via SMS.

    Share a Lead.png

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