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How to Add Banners in a Zuddl Studio

2 mins read
Banners are text boxes that appear at the bottom of your video feed to display any message or information to your audience during the session. You can add banners to your video feed in real-time.

Add a Banner

To add banners to your live stream video,
  1. Click on the Banner widget on the widget navigation bar on the right.
The Banners widget
  1. Click on Add Banner.
  2. Enter the banner Headline (of up to 100 characters).

For example, "Register for the course today. Only a few seats left”.

  1. Enter the banner Subtext (of up to 150 characters). This is an optional field. Subtext appears as a smaller text compared to the Headline.

For example, “Link is in the chat, book now before the seats get filled.”

  1. Click Add Banner to save the banner text to be used in the event.

The Add Banner modal

Applying Banners

After you have added the banners, you can show them on the video feed when needed. To show a banner:
  1. Hover on any one of the added banners from the list and click on the blue Show button.  This displays the banner on the video feed in real-time.

    Click Show to add the banner to the stage
  2. To stop showing the banner, click the red Hide button on the same banner card.
Click Hide to remove the banner from the stage
You can only show one banner at a time on the video feed.
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