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How to Set Up Streaming on Zoom from Zuddl Studio

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You can livestream from Zuddl Studio to a Zoom meeting using Zoom’s screen capture feature.

We suggest using dual monitors when streaming to Zoom so you can manage the two windows conveniently.

Sharing your Studio stream to Zoom

  1. Start or join your Studio.
  2. Start or join your Zoom meeting.

    If you are not the meeting host, ensure that you have screen sharing permissions.

  3. Arrange the Zoom and Studio browser windows side-by-side, or have them visible on multiple monitors.

    Side-by-side setup

  4. Click the Share Screen button in the Zoom meeting.

    Share Screen Button

  5. Click Advanced > Portion of Screen.

    Share Portion of Screen

  6. On the Studio tab, drag and resize the screen sharing window till your streaming area is fully covered.

    Shared Screen

  7. Your viewers in the Zoom meeting can now view your Studio stream. Use the control panel to pause or continue sharing.

    Screen Shared on Studio

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