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How to Configure Your Venue Settings for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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You can customize the venues in your virtual event by changing their names and the icons assigned to them.
  1. Go to Venue Setup> Venue settings.
  2. Toggle on or toggle off the venues according to your event requirements.
  3. Click and drag the venue cards to rearrange the order arranged on the navbar.


    Event requirements
  4. Click Customize Venues to open the side panel. Here, you can see all the active venues.


    Customize venues
  5. To change the name used for a venue, enter the name you want under Venue name (upto 12 characters) for that venue. This will be the label used for that venue across the event, and will not affect venue functions.
  6. To change the icon used for a venue, choose an option under Icon.


    Change venue icon
  7. You can turn an expo booth into a Venue by clicking Add a zone.

    Add a zone.png

    Add a zone

8. Add a name to the new venue card and select the expo booth you want to have as a new venue.


Add new venue name
9. Click Save to save your changes, or close the sidebar to discard them.
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