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How to Restrict Non-business or Custom Email Domains

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With the Email domain restriction feature, you can filter attendees registering for your webinar based on the domain of their email address. You can block attendees from certain domains or allow only select domains to register.

Go to Registration > Advanced settings > Email domain restriction and select one of the available options.

Restrict emails for registration

With this option chosen, you can customize the email domains you want to restrict while allowing all other domains.

Select the Restrict non-business emails checkbox to block all generic email domains (like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail).

Select the Restrict emails from a CSV file checkbox to upload a CSV file with a list of domains to block.

Email restriction options

Allow email domains

This option lets you upload a CSV file with a list of email domains to allow. All other email domains that are not added to the CSV will be blocked from registering for the webinar.

Upload a list of email domains to allow

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