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How to Add a Destination in Zuddl Studio

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Before you start a streaming session, you can add a destination where the live session will be broadcasted to your audience. You can add a destination while setting up your account and also from the studio backstage.

Add a New Destination

To add a streaming destination, click the + button beside the Start Session button on the studio backstage.

Open the streaming destinations panel

In the streaming destinations panel, click on the Add new destination button. You can also select Record only, if you wish to only record your event.

Add a streaming destination

The event also gets recorded automatically when you start streaming to a destination.

Adding a Custom Destination

From the list of streaming platforms, click Custom RTMP under Events platforms to add a new stream.

Add a custom destination using RTMP

On the custom RTMP window,

  1. Enter the Name for the stream.
  2. Enter the RTMPS server URL. An RTMPS server URL links your streaming destination with Zuddl.
  3. Enter a Stream Key. A stream key is used along with the destination RTMPS Link required by the streaming source (Zuddl) to identify the destination of the stream (encoder). Copy and paste this key from the encoder settings. It is highly recommended to store this key safely, as anyone with this key can transmit content to your event.
  4. Enter the Backup Stream Key: This functions the same as Stream Key. This is the backup of the authentication key in case the Main Stream Key does not work.
  5. After you have entered the correct field values, click Setup RTMP server. This adds a new streaming destination and is added to the recently added streams.

Destinations can only be added by an organizer in a Zuddl organization. Ensure that you have the correct privileges before setting up the live stream.

You can add up to 5 different destinations.

Zuddl can show the comments you receive in the RTMP destination server on your Studio. The comments menu on the right navigation shows up only when a valid destination is added.
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