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How to Set up Badge Printing for In-person Events in Zuddl

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To make your event experience seamless, Zuddl now offers customized badges for your participants for Hybrid and In-person events.
There are four main stages to set up badges:
  1. Enable badge printing in the event setup.
  2. Share your requirements with our team.
  3. Ensure you have the printing equipment and materials on-site.
  4. Use the Zuddl Onsite App to check in your participants and print badges.

Enable Badge Printing

Follow these instructions to enable badges for your event:
  1. Go to the event setup. Ensure that your event type is either Hybrid or In-person.
  2. Go to On-site > Badges.
  3. Toggle on Badge printing.

    Toggle on Badge Printing

  4. Select a badge type from the two available options: Vertical badge (selected by default) or Horizontal badge.

Share your requirements with our team

Our team needs to know the number of participants and your badge requirements 4 weeks in advance to arrange the necessary equipment and materials. Once your event details are finalized, share the requirements with our Customer Success team at

Your badge can be customized based on the printing method and the template design you want to use, and our team can assist you in this process.

Use our guidebook to learn more about color-printed badges.

Equipment and Materials

To ensure hassle-free badge printing, we suggest following these requirements to ensure the equipment and materials are adequately stocked and ready at your event venue:

Equipment for Badges

Badge stockPre-printed badge papers, Slots (pouches/holders), and Lanyards.
PrinterZebra ZD620, ZD621, ZD420/21 or ZD230.
Badge paper4" x 3" Fanfold Label
HardwareiPadsiPad Stands (Above TEK TS-158S)Routers (Wi-Fi capability, preferably with SIMs)Cables: CAT6 Ethernet Cable, if not LAN, then Wi-Fi (30-60 Mbps) specifically for the badge equipment.
Vendor (recommended)

Recommended Quantities

In-person AttendeesStationsiPads & StandsRoutersPrintersBadge Stock
These numbers are based on the assumption that the router has one LAN port.

We suggest using an equal number of iPads and printers. If the routers cannot connect to two printers each, use an equal number of routers and printers.

Using the Zuddl Onsite App

The Zuddl Onsite App lets you check in your participants at the event venue, and print badges for them.

Ensure that you have organizer or moderator access for the event and that registrations have started.

The Printer and the device using the Onsite App must be connected to the same network. Ideally, the iPad/mobile should be connected to the router via WiFi, and the printer should be connected to the same router either via LAN or WiFi.

To use the Onsite App for printing badges:

  1. Install the Zuddl Onsite App from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

    Install the app

  1. Log in using your Zuddl account email and the verification code.

Use your Zuddl account email

  1. Select your event from the list. All active events are shown in the Live tab.

Your Live events

  1. Here you can see the list of registered event participants. You can now check them in and print badges.

List of registered attendees

  1. You can view the connected printers from the Settings page.

Settings for Printer selection

For more detailed instructions on using the Onsite app, use this guide.
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