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How to Add Video Clips in Zuddl Studio

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You can show video clips to your audience to promote your brand, event, or just to illustrate an idea.

Add a Video Clip

To add a video clip,
  1. Click the Branding tab on the sidebar.
  2. Under Video Clips, click + Add clip.
  3. In the Choose Video Clip window, select Upload.
  4. Drag and drop your file, or browse and select a video from your device.
  5. This adds the video clip to your backstage.

The recommended video dimensions are 1920x1080 pixels, in a MP4 or MOV format.

Play a Video

  1. To play a Video Clip from the list of added videos, hover over the desired video clip and click on the blue Play button.
  2. To stop playing a video clip, hover over the current video being played and click Stop.

Replaying a stopped video plays it from the beginning.

You can add multiple videos onto the studio dashboard and play them (one at-a-time) as and when required.

Play Video Clip

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