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How to Add Audio Clips in Zuddl Studio

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You can use audio clips as a background or filler between sessions or during breaks. Zuddl has a collection of audio clips available for you to use, or you can upload your own files too.

To add audio clips:

  1. Open the Branding tab from the sidebar.
  2. Scroll to Audio Clips and select a file from the list.
  3. Select the Loop checkbox if you want the audio clip to continue playing on repeat. The loop checkbox is selected by default.

Select an Audio Clip

Upload your own Audio

You can also upload your own audio clips by clicking Upload .mp3 file in the Audio Clips section.

Browse and choose the file from you system, and the audio clip will be added for you to use on Studio.

Using copyrighted media without permissions can lead to strikes from streaming platforms. Ensure that you have commercial usage rights for the uploaded media.

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