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Event Mobile App - Functionality Overview

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The Event Mobile App by Zuddl is designed for in-person/hybrid event attendees. Using the event mobile app features, you can provide a better in-person event experience to your attendees and ensure they can access information, navigate the venue, connect with others, and engage in event activities effectively on their mobile devices.
Please make sure to include all the features needed for the event, such as branding, schedule, speakers, locations, etc. These features automatically reflect in the event mobile app, and any changes you make will also be reflected in the app.


The schedule feature lets attendees see the event agenda and sessions, session details page, view speakers, and more.


My schedule and Reminders

  • Attendees can register for the sessions based on their interests.
  • Attendees can "Bookmark," "Add to schedule," or “Create a reminder” of the sessions they want to attend.


Reserve spots

Attendees can click a "Reserve" or "Book" button in the session details to reserve a spot for that session.


The networking feature recommends profiles based on the interests of attendees.


Recommended attendees list and All Attendees list

  • Recommended Attendees List helps attendees discover new connections based on their profile.
  • From the All-Attendees list, attendees can browse and connect with individuals.


My Profile and Interests

By entering profile information in the "My Profile" section and selecting “Interests,” attendees get suggestions for different sessions from the app.


1:1 meetings, meeting requests, My Meetings, and Reminders

  • The meeting requests feature allows attendees to propose and request one-on-one or group meetings with other event participants.
  • The "My Meetings" feature lets attendees manage all the scheduled and confirmed meetings.
  • Attendees can also use the “Reminders” option to receive reminder notifications.


1:1 Chat, Inbox, and Notifications

  • Attendees can send and receive messages from other participants in their Inbox, including speakers, exhibitors, and fellow attendees.
  • Notifications are updates about important events, reminders, agenda changes, and app activities.


Custom pages

Custom pages offer flexibility for improving the overall conference experience. The organizers can customize the app for their event's unique requirements, providing a more informative experience for attendees.  

Launchpad pages

  • Launchpad pages are the entrance to the conference app and help direct attendees through the various offerings of the event.
    • These pages are designed to provide a central point for accessing important information, navigating the app's features, and setting the tone for the event.



The WYSIWYG pages feature helps you to generate and oversee content without requiring technical expertise.               


iFrame pages

  • iFrame pages allow you to utilize external web content and services.
  • This enables a smooth user experience, delivers extra functionalities, and expands the app's capabilities to cater to the event's unique requirements.


Custom Bottom bar & Menu

The custom bottom bar typically replaces the standard navigation bar found at the bottom of the app interface. It's designed to provide easy access to key app sections and features.

Navigation Menu

  • A navigation menu allows attendees to access different sections of the app.
  • Common menu items include the home, schedule, exhibitors, networking, maps, and other relevant sections. 


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