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How to Add Breakout Rooms to a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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During a session, speakers often conduct activities to make sessions more engaging. Such activities require attendees to be divided into groups. Zuddl allows you to easily create and manage Breakout Rooms to facilitate such group activities. To configure a breakout room:
  1. Go to Venue Setup > Stage.
  2. Click on a stage to enter the stage setup.
  3. Inside a stage setup, under the Advanced tab, go to the Breakout rooms section.

    Breakout Room.png

  4. Choose how you want to create the Breakout Rooms
    1. Automatically: Attendees are randomly allotted rooms of a specified fixed size.
    2. Pre Assigned: Manually allot attendees into breakout rooms of different sizes.

Automatic Allocation

As the name suggests, the attendees are grouped randomly into rooms of same sizes. You have to select the room size (the number of seats per room) up to a maximum of 100 seats.

Automatic Allocation.png

Pre-assigned Allocation

Manually assign attendee, speakers, and even organizers into breakout rooms of different sizes. To create pre-assigned rooms,
  1. Click the Pre-assigned radio button.
  2. Click Create room. This adds a new room.

    Breakout Rooms.png

  3. Enter a room name.
  4. Click on the edit icon to search for the attendees, speakers, or oganizers for adding them to the breakout room.


  5. Click Save. This adds the selected participants to the breakout room.

Importing CSV

Participants can also be added by importing a CSV file with the required details. To import a CSV file:
  1. Click on Import CSV. This opens the import breakout rooms data modal.
  2. Follow the File Import Rules to prepare the CSV file or click the Download Breakout Rooms CSV import template to edit the template.
  3. Once the CSV file is prepared, click on the Upload CSV file pane and choose the file to upload it. Once you have uploaded the CSV, the screen gets auto-populated with the details.
  4. Click Save Changes.


- The CSV file must contain 2 columns whose headers are "RoomNumber" and "Email Id". All the participant details must be mapped under these 2 columns only.

- A maximum of 100 persons per room can be added

- Size of the CSV should not be more than 4MB.

Import CSV.png

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