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How to Cancel a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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Before you cancel, please keep in mind that canceling a Zuddl event/webinar is a permanent action and cannot be undone. If you still need to use a canceled event/webinar, you can access its setup and duplicate it. However, the original event/webinar stays canceled along with any registrations done till that point.

After cancelation

Once an event or webinar is canceled, here are the functions you can and cannot perform:
You can:
  • Access the settings of the canceled event/webinar.
  • Access the registration data for speakers and attendees (downloadable as a CSV).
  • Duplicate the event/webinar.
You cannot:
  • Change the basic event information (name, type, and schedule).
  • Add or delete any attendees or speakers.
  • Duplicate registrations from the canceled event/webinar.
  • Change communication settings or send emails.

Once an event/webinar is canceled, any calendar blocks sent to participants are removed.

Cancelation email settings

When an event/webinar is canceled, an Event canceled email is sent to attendees to inform them of the cancelation. This email can be configured from the Communication page in the event/webinar setup. If you are unsure of whether you have toggled on the event cancelation emails or not, you can click Change email settings button in the cancelation confirmation pop-up to go to the Communication page.

Change Email Settings.png

You can toggle on or off the Event canceled email (toggled on by default) or edit the email content as required.

Event Canceled.png

There are two separate Event canceled emails for Attendees and Speakers, and you can toggle them on/off and customize them separately. You can use the tabs on the Communication page to switch between Attendee emails and Speaker emails.

Switch Email Tabs.png

Canceling an event

To cancel an event:
  1. Go to the common dashboard.
  2. Click the more options button on the event/webinar you want to cancel and click Cancel.


  3. In the popup, you can view the effects of cancelation along with the current settings for cancelation emails. To continue with the cancelation, click Cancel event.

    Cancel Event Confirmation.png

  4. Confirm your choice by typing CONFIRM in the text box, then click Cancel event.

    Cancel Confirmation.png

  5. This successfully cancels the event/webinar. The event is shown on the organizer dashboard with the Canceled status.


If a user tries to access a canceled event, they are shown the following message:

Canceled Event Message.png

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