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How to Import CSV to Add Attendees in an In-person Event

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You can add multiple attendees to an event at once by uploading a CSV (comma-separated values) file that contains the necessary details of all attendees.

Preparing the CSV file

To prepare the CSV file:
  1. Go to Attendees and click the CSV icon.
  2. Select the Download CSV option. This downloads a sample CSV file.

    Import CSV Option.png

  3. Edit the template as per your requirement. While creating the CSV file, follow the below rules:
    • The default CSV columns are: attendee email, first_name, last_name, headline, phone_number, company, title, bio, country, and custom fields. The columns which are mandatory are attendee_email, first_name, last_name — all other columns are optional.
    • A header row for each column and its corresponding values must be present.
    • You can add new headers to the header row as per your requirements.
    • Columns can be in any order but you should not change the header labels.
    • The maximum number of participants you can import at a time is 10,000.
    • CSV Table

The imported .csv file must be less than 4MB.

Once your CSV file is prepared, you can now import the file.

Import CSV

To import the prepared CSV file:
  1. Go to Attendees and click the CSV icon
  2. Select the Import CSV option
  3. Drag a drop the file or click browse to select the file from your device
  4. Click on the Import button.

  5. Choose a confirmation for the prompt message, Would you like to send confirmation mails to these Attendees? Select Send emails to send an email to the attendees.

    This opens a popup that lists all the headers in uploaded CSV and its mapping to the corresponding Zuddl attributes.
  6. Select the appropriate option/attribute for each CSV header from the dropdown.
    • Suggested field: System suggested attribute for a CSV header
    • Add as custom Field: for additional CSV headers that were added to the template
    • Do not import: To skip importing the particular column from the CSV file.

      Map Attributes.png

  7. Click Continue. This initiates the importing process. Once completed, the status of the import is shown and a detailed report including the error log is sent to your email address. An example status email is shown below:

    Email Content.png

  8. Once the confirmation mail is received, the attendee list starts getting populated and appears on the Attendees tab.

    Attendee List.png

Handling Errors

Failures may occur when the imported CSV file does not comply with the rules stated above. In such cases, the status email contains an Access Import Logs button using which you can identify the errors by the description.

Access Import Logs.png

In cases where the file is partially imported indicates that only mandatory fields were correctly imported and there are some errors on the optional fields. You can click on the Report link and download the report or access the import logs from the mail to identify the errors.

Partially Imported.png

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