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How to Import CSV to Add Speakers for an In-person Event in Zuddl

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You can add multiple speakers to an event at once by uploading a CSV (comma-separated values) file containing all speakers' necessary details.

Preparing the CSV file

To create a CSV file:
  1. Go to Speakers and click the CSV icon.
  2. Select the Download CSV option.

    CSV Options.png

  3. Edit the CSV file with the speaker details. While creating the CSV file, follow the below rules:
    • Possible CSV columns are email, first name, last name, phone number, company, designation, and bio in the same order.

      If Magic Link for speakers is enabled, a "Magic Link" column appears on the CSV file. Learn about the Magic Link feature.

    • The mandatory columns are email, first name, and last name — all other columns are optional.
    • A header row with the column names must be present.
    • Columns can be in any order, but you should not change the header labels
    • The maximum number of participants you can import at a time is 500.
    • The imported .csv file must be less than 1 MB.

      CSV File.png
Once your CSV file is prepared, you can now import the file.

Import CSV file

To import the CSV file,
  1. Go to Speakers and click the CSV icon.
  2. Select the Import CSV option.
  3. Add the CSV file. Drag and drop the file or browse through your device.

    CSV Import Instructions.png

  4. Click Import.
  5. Choose a confirmation for the prompt message. Would you like to send confirmation emails to these speakers? Select Yes, Please to email the speaker, or No, Thank You to leave it for later.
  6. Upon successful import, the list of speakers is populated from the CSV file.

    Speakers List.png

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