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How to Add a Contact us Widget for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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The Contact us widget helps visitors reach out to organizers (in the lobby) or booth owners (in expo booths). On clicking the widget, visitors can initiate a private chat with the selected organizers or booth owners.
Here’s an example of how a contact widget looks inside an expo booth:

Contact us Widget example.png

On clicking the Contact us button, a sidebar panel opens up with a list of available organizers or booth owners. The visitor can then initiate a chat with them:


Add the widget

To configure a Contact us widget:
  1. In the lobby or expo booth editor, click Add widget > Contact us.

    Contact us Widget Set up.png


  2. Enter a suitable Contact Button Name of up to 20 characters.
  3. Choose the Button Type from the dropdown menu:

    Button Type.png

    1. Upload image (default): Create a button using an image. Click on the upload card to browse for the image on your device or drag and drop it here.
    2. Enter text: Create a standard button with text. You can enter the visible text label for the button in the Button Text field.
  4. In Organizers list, select the lobby organizers to assign for the widget. Visitors will be able to initiate a chat with them.

    For expo booths, the Contact us widget is assigned to the booth owners by default.
  5. Click Save to add the widget.
  6. Resize and reposition the widget on the booth preview as needed.
You can have only one Contact us widget per booth and one in the lobby.
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