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How to Add a Coupon Widget for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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Coupon widgets can be used for promotional coupons that booth owners can offer their visitors, to improve engagement and encourage business. These coupons can include a code for visitors to claim.
Coupon widgets are only available for expo booths and not for the lobby.
Here’s an example of how a coupon widget looks inside an expo booth:

Coupon Widget Example.png

Coupon Widget Example 2.png

Add the widget

To configure a coupon widget:
  1. In the expo booth editor, click Add widget > Coupon.

    Coupon Widget Setup.png

  2. Enter the coupon details:
    1. A suitable Coupon title (up to 100 characters). This is visible to booth visitors.
    2. Enter the Coupon code (up to 100 characters) that visitors can claim.
    3. Enter the Coupon offer (up to 50 characters) that can be availed using the code.
    4. Choose the Coupon expiry date from the date picker.
    5. Enter a Coupon description (up to 250 characters) to add more details about this coupon for visitors to read.
  3. Click Save to add the widget.
  4. Resize and reposition the widget on the booth preview as needed.
You can have only one coupon widget in a booth.
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