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How to Set Up Your Registration Page for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

2 mins read
The registration page for your event can be customized with information and visuals you want to show your participants.
Zuddl offers two template options to help you set this up. Template 1 is simplified for visuals, letting you bring focus to your branding. Template 2 has a detailed page with sections for tickets, speakers, schedules, and more.
Click on the template image to preview the whole page. Choose either option based on how you want to present your event.

choose a template

Choose a Registration Style

Registration style decides how your attendees register for the event. There are three options to choose from:

choose a registration style

  • Register and join: Attendees must register with their email addresses or via social logins. On registering, they are added to the list of invited attendees.
  • Ticketed event: This requires attendees to purchase tickets before the event.
  • Invite only: This allows only the invited attendees to enter the event when it starts. Attendees must use the same email address to which the invite has been sent. Upon unsolicited access to such events, users are shown the following message:

    Event Registration Page.png

Design your landing page.

The next step is selecting a template after choosing the registration style. Each template follows a particular theme. You can browse templates and choose one to start customizing.

Zuddl lets you custom design your landing page using the landing page builder. Learn how to use the landing page builder.

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