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How to Enable a Poll for a Stage for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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The poll feature allows you to launch polls/quizzes to which attendees can respond during an event. To add a poll:
  1. Go to Venue setup > Stage > Advanced.
  2. Under Attendee engagement, click Choose and add features. This shows all the interactivity options that you can configure.

    Choose and add Poll Features
  3. Toggle on Polls from inside the card. Defaults to on.

    Poll toggle

  4. Click Save.

Note: Under “Enabled features” list of features enabled for the event is shown.

In-event settings

Once the Poll feature is enabled, you can start creating polls. To create a poll during a session,
  1. On the backstage, click the Poll widget on the right.

    Poll option in live event
  2. On the Poll pane, click Create Poll +.

    Create Poll Button
  3. On the Create a New Poll form
      1. Turn on/off Quiz Poll toggle. For a quiz poll, select a correct poll option as the Correct Answer from the list of options. Quiz polls are used to launch quizzes. The default is off.
      2. Enter the Poll Question. Supports a maximum of 100 characters.
      3. Enter Poll Options. You can add a maximum of 5 options.
      4. Select the Publish option. There are two options for publishing the polls:
        • Publish Now: you could publish the poll at the same time you create it
        • Save Draft: save the poll settings and publish at a later time.

Based on the answers to the Quiz poll, you can see the option percentage and number of votes.  

Percentage of votes

The attendee can also see the percentage per option on their respective UI’s.

Attendee side UI

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