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How to Enable Attendee Engagement Options for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

2 mins read
This setting provides all the features that help you increase engagement in your event.
To enable a feature:
  1. Go to Rooms and click on the edit icon for a particular room.
  2. Under the Advanced tab, expand the Attendee Engagement section.
  3. Click on Choose and add features. This shows the right side that displays all the engagement features.

    Attendee Engagement.png

  4. Add a feature:
    1. Chat (default): The Chat feature allows all attendees to interact with each other in a room. Chat is enabled by default. You can select the Moderate Chat checkbox which allows attendees to send messages after approval by a moderator.
    2. Q&A: The Q&A feature allows attendees to submit questions and upvote on other posted questions. Q&A is enabled by default. You can select the Moderate Q&A checkbox which allows attendees to post questions after approval by a moderator.
    3. Polls: The Polls feature lets you create questions for attendees to respond to during the event. Polls is enabled by default.
    4. Add a Custom App. You can also add a custom app that renders as an Iframe on the right navigation in a live event. To add a custom app, you need to enter a Tab name and a URL. Attendees can view the custom app as a tab.

      You can also hide the custom app on the right navigation for your attendees.

  5. Click Save.

    Enable Attendee Engagement.png

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