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How to Create an Expo Zone for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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An expo with multiple booths can be organized by grouping multiple booths to create Expo Zones. Grouping of booths is helpful especially when there are many booths of different categories in an Expo.

Instead of scrolling through a long list of booths, visitors can arrive on the expo zone listing page and select a particular expo zone relevant to them and visit the booths inside.

An example expo zone is shown below:

Expo Zone.png

Creating an Expo Zone

  1. To create an Expo Zone, go to Venue Setup > Expo.

  2. Click Create zone. This opens a sidebar where you can set up the zone.
  3. Enter a suitable Zone name (of up to 50 characters)
  4. Upload a Zone thumbnail. This thumbnail will appear on the card for this zone inside the expo venue. The recommended format is a 1280x720 pixel JPG image file with a maximum size of 1 MB.

  5. Click Save. This creates a new expo zone and a zone card is added on the Expo setup screen.

  6. You can click on the Zone card to enter the booth creation setup.

Learn how to set up an expo booth.

  1. Click the search icon to search for booths inside the zone, click + to add booths inside this zone, or click the bin icon to delete the zone.

  1. You can add more expo zones by clicking Add Zone on the expo venue setup page.
If you have any booths already created before setting up an expo zone, the booths will get added to that zone by default.

Expo zones with no booths added are hidden from attendees.

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