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Expo - Overview

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There are certain events such as trade shows, exhibitions, and expos where large or small businesses showcase and promote their products or services to interested visitors all under a single roof. Zuddl provides organizers the option to host such events by allowing business to have their individual booths where they can showcase their offerings.

In the Expo venue, you can set up booths that are completely customizable to your requirements to showcase your brand and offerings. Inside a booth, booth owners (or vendors) can showcase pre-recorded or live video, branded content, websites, offer coupons, and interact with users through text chat or live video.

An Expo booth helps improve visibility of the brand and initiate new business opportunities. Here are some examples of Expos on Zuddl:

Expo Booth Sizes.png

Booth Sample 1.png

Booth Sample 2 .png

Booth Sample 3.png

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