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How to Customize Booths for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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Advanced settings for an expo booth allow you to choose how visitors can interact with the booth and the content they can view.

Advanced Settings.png

Attendee Engagement

The attendee engagement features are placed in the attendee’s sidebar, with the aim of improving interaction during the visit. To view and edit these:
  1. In the booth editor, click the Advanced tab.
  2. Click Attendee Engagement. Here you can view the currently Enabled features. To edit these, click the Choose and add features button.
  3. Toggle on or off the features as required, and click and drag the cards to reorder them. The features are:
    • Chat: Allow visitors to chat publicly with other visitors at the booth. Turned on by default.
    • Q&A: Allows visitors to post questions publicly at the booth for the booth owners. Turned on by default.
    • Polls: Create and launch polls or quizzes for visitors to increase engagement. Turned on by default.
    • Files: Add files for the visitors to download. Turned on by default.
    • Visitors: Allow visitors to see other visitors and interact with them.
    • Request to Join: Allow visitors the option to join the live session by requesting the booth owner. Visitors can join the live session on video. Turned on by default.

      Attendee Engagement.png

  4. To add an external app here, you can click Add Custom App. This will create a new card in the list.

    Custom App.png

      1. Enter a Tab name (of up to 15 characters). This will be displayed in the attendee sidebar tab for this feature.
      2. Enter the URL of the external app.
      3. To hide this tab, check the box for Hide tab.
  5. Click Save to save your changes to the attendee engagement features.

Other advanced settings

  1. In Booth Visibility, toggle off Show booth on expo if you wish to hide a booth. Hidden Booths are not visible in the booth list or inside Expo Zones, but visitors can visit them if they have a link to the hidden booth.

    Booth Visibility.png

  2. Tags can be useful to describe booths, for organizers as well as attendees. From the available tags, click those which you want to associate with the booth. Start typing in the search bar to filter through the available tags, or to add new tags.


  3. The Widgets section lets you see and edit all widgets added to the booth. Click the edit icon to make changes to a widget, or the bin icon to delete it. Learn more about adding widgets.

    Edit delete.png

  4. In Customization, you have two available settings:

    1. Interest Registration adds a button to the widget for attendees to register their interest in the booth. On clicking this, their contact information is saved, which can be accessed in the Analytics section.
    2. Live booth adds a live stream feed to the booth, where the booth owner can interact with visitors.
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