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How to Set Up Credits and Certification for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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Credits and certifications are a feature on Zuddl Events that lets your attendees earn credits for attending sessions, and get certificates for those credits. This is especially useful for academic or professional training events, like Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses.
You can customize how the credits are offered and also the certificate itself.

Customize how credits are awarded

  1. Go to Venue Setup > Engagement and toggle on Credits & certification.

Toggle on Credits & certification

2. Click Customize credits to open the setup panel. Under Select sessions, select all the sessions for which you want to offer credits.

Choose the sessions to offer credits

3. Enter a time range in the From and To fields, and select the number of credits to offer in that range (for the selected sessions) under Credits awarded.

Set the time window for credits

4. Click Add time range to add more ranges with different credit settings.

Add more time ranges as necessary

5. Click Add new configuration to add further customization for awarding credits.

Add new configuration for more customization

6. Click Save to finish setting up credits.

You can now customize the certificate by clicking the Upload logo, or clicking Skip for now to do this later.

Credits successfully set up

Customize the Certificate

Once your credits are set up, you can now customize the certificate.
1. Click the Upload logo to customize the certificate.

You can also click the Upload logo button on the Credits & certification card in Engagement to do this.

2. Upload a Brand logo and Sponsor logo for your certificate.

Upload brand logo and sponsor logo here

3. Click Preview to see how the certificate appears.

Certificate preview with the uploaded logos

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