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How to Invite Speakers to your Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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Speakers can be added to the event directly during the event setup.  
To add a speaker:
  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, go to People > Speakers. This shows the speaker listing page.
  2. Click on the Add Speaker button.

    Add a Speaker Button.png

  3. On the Add Speaker form, enter the following details:
    1. Enter the Speaker's First Name (of up to 20 characters).
    2. Enter the Last Name of the Speaker of up to 20 characters.
    3. Enter the Email address of the Speaker.
    4. Attendance type: Show the event type as input.
    5. Optional. Enter the Title of the Speaker.
    6. Optional. Enter the Organization name.
    7. Optional. Add a  Description (of up to 200 words) for the Speaker.
    8. Enter LinkedIn profile link, Twitter profile link, Facebook profile link, and Website link.
    9. Optional. Click the Upload Image button to add the profile picture of the Speaker. The recommended format is a jpg, jpeg, png, or gif file with 300x300 resolution.
    10. In the Access Groups section, you can select a suitable custom group. The ticket type derives the access group. By default, speakers belong to the Speaker's access group. Learn more about access groups.

  4. Click the Add Speaker button.
  5. Choose a confirmation for the prompt message. Would you like to send confirmation emails to this Speaker? Select Yes; please send an email invite to the Speaker. Click the No, Thank You button to skip sending an email invite to the Speaker.

    Confirmation Mail.png

This adds the Speaker to the list. This also sends an invite to the Speaker's email address, which contains the link to join the backstage.

Speaker List.png

Other actions

You can also click on the more options button to:
  • Edit the speaker details
  • Resend invite sent to the Speaker at the time of adding the Speaker
  • Copy invite content. You can copy the invite content to use it elsewhere. A sample invite text is shown below: Hey John. You're registered as a speaker for the "Acme Test Events for Docs" event. Use the following link to go to the event <link to your Zuddl dashboard>
  • Delete a speaker.

    More Options.png
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