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How to Use the Self-serve Mode for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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The self-serve mode lets you craft the registration and check-in flows for your attendees such that attendees or potential attendees can register and check-in by themselves from a device such as an Tablet, iPad, or others. For instance, you have planned to place a self-service kiosk to handle registrations and check-in at the event location. By enabling the self-serve mode, you can tackle all registration and checkin related process for the attendees at the event location.
To enable the self-serve mode,
  1. On the left navigation, go to Onsite > Self-serve.
  2. Toggle on the Kiosk mode. This displays a list of related options.
  3. Under the Options available in Kiosk mode section,
    1. Select the Check-in checkbox to allow registered attendees to checkin into the event straight from the Kiosk by scanning their registration QR code.
    2. Select the New registration checkbox to allow interested people to register for the event right at the event location.
  4. Toggle on the Allow badge printing to enable attendees to print their badges for the event. The badge print settings are the same as in the Badge feature.
  5. Under Kiosk mode password section, enter a password, to prevent users to come out of the self-serve mode and misuse the device.

QR codes are not generated for organizers and moderators, you can search for organizers and print badges for them. However, the badges won't have a QR code so they can’t be checked-in by QR code scanning.
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