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How to Use the Onsite App for Hybrid Events

2 mins read
Using the Onsite app, you can check in your attendees and print badges for them right at the event location.

Using the Onsite app

  1. After you log in to the app, you can see the list of events where you are an Organizer. Your events are divided between the All events, Live, Upcoming, and Completed tabs based on their status, and sorted according to the event dates.

    Attendee List

    You can also see the Settings icon on the top right of this screen, where you can update your profile, select a printer, set the printer DPI, etc., you can read more about it here.      

  2. Tap on any event to open its home page where you can see the list of all the attendees. This may take some time to load initially based on the number of guests and the internet speed available.

    Attendee List

    Please wait till the list is fully populated because it is used to do check-ins if internet connectivity is lost.

  3. Tap the ‘+’ symbol to see 2 options:
    1. Scan QR code - to check-in guests by scanning the QR codes
    2. Register new attendee - to take on-spot registrations

      Scan QR code.png

      To check in a guest, you can either
    3. Scan the QR code that the guest received in the event invitation email.

    4. Search for the guest’s name in the list and tap Check in, or simply tap on the name.

      Searching and scanning QR code.png

  4. The guest’s profile popup will be shown. Verify the guest and click on Check-in guest and they will be marked as attending.

Printing badges

Once you check-in your attendee, you can now print a badge for them.
  1. Right after the check-in animation, you can view the badge preview screen.
  2. To update any details before printing, tap Edit details, make the changes, and tap Save changes. The badge preview will now be updated.

    Badge Printing.png

  3. Tap Print badge. If the printer is already connected and set up in the settings, the badge will be printed from the printer, and you’ll be taken back to the previous screen to check the next person in. If the printer is not connected or set up, you will be shown an error message.
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