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How to Set up On-site Printers for Hybrid Events

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The badges for your event are printed on-site using printers from choose2rent. Along with the printers, choose2rent also sends a document with the instructions and troubleshooting help needed for setting up the printer.

Callout (additional info):
Here is the guide to setting up the printer: Choose2rent printer setup guide
Here is the video guide for setting up the printer: Zebra ZD621 setup video

Additional instructions:
  1. Turn off the Energy star setting to prevent the printer disconnecting from network.

    Energy Star.png

  2. If the print is too light, you can increase the darkness level from the settings. The recommended setting is 10, and this should never be over 20.
    1. For printer ZD620:
      1. Press HOME, then press the (✔) button to enter SETTINGS.
      2. The first setting is DARKNESS. Press the up () button to increase the darkness.
    2. For printer ZD621 with touchscreen:
      1. Tap Menu > Print (🖨️) > Print Quality > Darkness
      2. Use the plus and minus buttons to make adjustments.

If you still face issues with setting up the printer, please contact your choose2rent support executive, or reach out to their technical support at +1 (800) 622-6484 Ext. 3.

Selecting the printer, and selecting printer DPI in the App:
  1. Before you begin, ensure that the mobile device is connected to the same network as the printer.
  2. On the event list screen, tap the settings icon and tap Select a printer. Choose your preferred printer from the available list of connected printers.

    WAN Settings.png

  3. On the next screen, Select a DPI for the chosen printer. Since the printer currently provided by Choose2rent is 203 DPI, select the same in the app.

    Select Printer DPI.png

  4. Open the lead list and test-print some badges to ensure that the printers are working well.
  5. Your printer is now set up, and you can start printing badges for your event.
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